All About The Park

There is so much happening at Catherine Street Park and we wanted to create a page on our website to allow everyone to keep up to date with all the stages of creating an inclusive park for us all to enjoy.

Being able to play is something that all children and young people should be able to enjoy, regardless of ability.

They all need the same thing from a play space – to be included. That’s the reason for making changes at Catherine Street – to make sure that more children and young people can enjoy playing together with their brothers, sisters and friends rather than watching from the sidelines

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3D Plans Of Catherine Street Inclusive Play Park & Community Garden

Design Concept and Areas

The water playground creates a stimulating and interactive experience, accessible to all. Water is pumped by hand, channelled, sent in cascades over the waterwheel to head downstream to dams and sinuous channels. The channel can be a plaything, a routeway and a stream to be crossed.
Within the woodland can be found a raised playhouse, with all ability access to lower sections, a decked woven through the trees and large sandy surface with opportunities for informal play. Willow arches and fairy doors announce your entry into an exciting woodland world.
A Set aside from the busy park, an outdoor classroom and open space provides opportunities for groups to gather and stories to be heard. Welcoming the calmer atmosphere if this side of the park, the community garden space will grow and mature as local gardeners lend a hand. Moving around the park, surfaces are also paved, concrete setts, to match the local colour palette.
The Cradle Swing, Wheelchair Trampoline, All ability Roundabout and Wheelchair Swing provide an opportunity for inclusive movement play within the park.
This area provides an opportunity for inventive play and creation of habitat. Tree branches and poles can be arranged for use in den building, stacked to create bug hotels and carved to create miniature houses and doors to be opened and discovered.