Friends of Catherine Street Inclusive Play Park – Membership Form


A Little Bit About Include Us

A group of parents with disabled children have been working alongside local families to look at how Catherine Street Play Park in Dumfries town centre can be made more inclusive and accessible. ‘Include Us’ is the charity which has been created to move the project forward. Members of Include Us automatically become Friends of Catherine Street Inclusive Play Park – so please join us and become part of this exciting development for Dumfries.

Who Can Become A Friend?

Anyone who is supportive of the need for there to be an inclusive and accessible play park at Catherine Street. You can become a Friend from the age of 18.

Why Should I Become A Friend?

Becoming a Friend means that you are showing your positive support for the development of the park. It’s one of the ways that we can show our Funders and others that the community supports the work that we are doing to create an inclusive play park which more children, young people and adults can enjoy.

What’s In It For Me?

Being a member of Include Us means that you will become part of a wide community of Friends who have a shared aim to improve play and learning opportunities for local children and young people. It will enable Include Us to keep in touch with you by email so that you will receive our newsletter; invitations to events we are holding in the park; our Annual General Meeting or occasional Friends gatherings. Being a member also means that you will be able to hear about new opportunities that arise when e.g. Trustee positions on our Board become vacant, or when we need new Volunteers to join our team.

How Much Does It Cost and How Much Does It Last?

Becoming a Friend is free. Your membership will continue for as long as Include Us exists or until there is a need for your membership to end.

What Does Becoming a Friend Involve?

You can become a member in name only which means you don’t have to do anything if you don’t have the time or interest beyond wanting to show your support. Alternatively, you could become an active member which will mean taking on some responsibility for the development of Include Us.

How Do I Become a Friend?

Simply fill in the below application form

What Happens When I Submit The Form?

Applications for memberships are approved at Board meetings which take place on a regular basis so we will be in touch very soon to welcome you as a Friend. When you become a member we will email you a Welcome Pack which contains much more information along with our privacy statement.

I Would Like To Help – What Can I Do?

You could become a Volunteer or a Trustee or you could help us with fundraising. Email us or talk to one of the Trustees about what you are interested in helping us with – we would love to hear from you!

Please let us have the following details so that we can process your application to become a Friend of Catherine Street Inclusive Play Park.